We are working on a light wallet for Android, which can receive and send payments to SHACoin. 

We would like to implement this app by connecting it directly with a marketplace, directly using SHACoin as a currency.

We are working to have the block chain Explorer (released in August).

We are also working to fix the flaws of current wallet (windows and Linux that have slow sync and freeze).

For further information do not hesitate to contact us

UPDATE 03 august 2017

Blockexplorer available on Chainz (again)


Coming soon official Wallet for Android  to receive and send SHACOIN.

UPDATE 05 november 2017

Still under development

UPDATE 05 november 2017

Web paper wallet generator will be available soon.

SHACoin.conf file available from Download section

TIP REWARD available on Cryptopia until 12/05/2017

Buy SHA now!!!

UPDATE 08 november 2017

Vote SHACOIN to be listed on C-CEX

Please, vote here:

Please vote here  under Add Shacoin wallet