Online casino real money Bitcoin features and trends


Appeared in 2009, in several years Bitcoin started to be used at online casinos. Moreover, people, who do not know a lot about crypto, started to call BTC holders and traders “gamblers”. They got this name due to the greatest volatility on the #1 crypto. When it appeared, it was under a cent, and in 2017, when the greatest in the market history Bull Run came, 1 BTC price was 20 thousand dollars. Naturally, the crypto boom and hype made their job: later, crypto lost over 50%-80% of its largest price, but it did not make it less popular.

Vice versa, more people gambling for crypto, more online casino real money Bitcoin players appeared. They understood that if they win virtual money and hold it, these wins can increase in times in the future. Today, BTC and alternative cryptocurrencies called altcoins are used as one of the payment methods. Besides, casinos that take the only cryptocurrencies also appeared, attracting more people into the world of blockchain.

Online casino real money Bitcoin features

When a player decides to use BTC or altcoins as the method of payment, they have to start with the creation of a cryptocurrency wallet. They have to keep the key from it in a special secret place, as once it is lost, it will be never restored. This is the unique numbers’ combination, which cannot be ever repeated. The chances that it can be hacked are close to Zero.

Thus, gamblers, who play using online casino real money Bitcoin pokies or pick BTC card games like Poker, can feel safe and secure. Additionally, with crypto gambling players get the following advantages:

  • Anonymity;
  • Possibility to get free crypto with online casino real money Bitcoin no deposit bonuses;
  • Fast transactions including instant money withdrawal;

Besides, many BTC casinos also have their exchange services. One can play for virtual money and withdraw dollars or Euros.

Tendencies of playing for BTC in 2020

One of the latest trends among active gamblers is online casino real money Bitcoin VR games. These types of things become more and more popular, as they combine the best progressive technologies. Blockchain working in virtual reality games can become the future of the gambling industry.

It is expected that the number of BTC casinos will be constantly growing. Virtual money will come to the life of more people, and gamblers will start actively choosing it when making online bets. Crypto experts predict Bitcoin growth as in 2020, its halving is coming. As a result, the number of crypto players will increase: they will take BTC gambling as a way to make more money.

Bitcoins certainly have potential, not least because of the advantage of anonymity. Meanwhile, there are not too many providers who offer cryptocurrency. The situation is similar to Bitcoin online casinos. However, everything can be changed very soon — time will tell if Bitcoin gets the turn again and becomes a serious alternative to fiat.

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